for Virginia Delegate - District 7

2023 Campaign Virginia

Many issues face Virginia. Luellen Hoffman Maskeny can tackle them and make our community a better place.

The reason for my running is to "Share My Experience, Strength, Hope, and Courage,

by serving the Reston, Herndon, Vienna, Oakton community on the State level".

Common Sense Candidate

I support  Vivek Ramaswamy for President 2024















Good NEWS!  The Virginia Department of Education Just Released Model Policies to Ensure Privacy, Dignity, and Respect for All Students and Parents in Virginia's Public Schools. Read the full press release here: VDOE Releases New Model Policies.  Voting Information for You!

Old NEWS!  Democrats oppose this policy. Democrats promote grooming the youth by alienating parents and opposing parental rights.  They support the Globalist plan of depopulation and destruction. Democrats have crossed the line when going after the children. 

Stop Chinese indoctrination in Virginia Schools. 

Republicans stand with Parents to Ban Porn in all the Public Libraries and Schools.  We need to stop all pornographic books and ship them back to the publishers then demand a full refund. 
That money  should go for Special Needs Programs.  Please note if you read from one of these books as an adult to other adults at a school board meeting you will be arrested.  
 "We should not leave finding a solution to those who created the problem." 

 “Silence is the Sound of Approval.” *
This is why the radicals work so hard to silence us.
Speak Out Now, Speak Up Now!  Do not be afraid.  Our lives, our children and country depend upon it.


As your State Delegate I will:

STOP Sky Rocketing Property Taxes. Tax dollars are your dollars. Taxes should be as low as possible, fair as possible and only collected for the purpose of fulfilling legitimate functions of government.  

Stop Fairfax Wealth Redistribution Scheme!   Democrats are big on giving away YOUR Tax Dollars.

Tax Cuts for Seniors (age 62+).  Eliminate Virginia’s Personal Property Tax for Seniors.


Support Parents involvement in Public Schools and keep Schools Safe with Strong Security measures.

* Support First Responders to ensure Reston remains a safe place to live, work and raise a family.

* Work to preserve Reston's natural resources: Parks, Lakes and Open Spaces with clean water and air. 

*Vote NO to the Casino to be built in Reston! Recommend it goes into the commercial space at Tyson 2.

Defend our Civil Liberties and Protect Womens’ Sports.  I Support the efforts of Riley Gaines.



Secure Your Vote Virginia!

Clean Up Voter Rolls – 19,000 dead voters were removed from the rolls this year and Governor Glen Youngkin announced a new plan being spearheaded by him, his PAC Spirit of Virginia, and the Republican Party of VA (RPV) called Secure the Vote Virginia.

Out-of-state funds are pouring in for the far left liberal Democrats, from wealthy donors like George Soros.  Stop the elites from swaying Virginians to change Virginia into California.  Don’t be fooled by the radical far left agenda.



Limitations on Government Power.

I will look at a bill in Richmond and ask 4 questions:
1. Is this bill constitutional?
2. Does the scope of the bill fall within the proper roles and responsibilities of the government?
3. What level of government is the appropriate one to address the issue?
4. Does the proposed bill protect individual liberty and private property rights?

Respecting Life + Being Kind + Solid Support For Families

The first right is your right to life. Without it all other rights are meaningless. The Democrats promote depopulation and destruction. This is the globalist agenda.

Respecting Your Right To Defend Yourself & Your Children

The 2nd Amendment and Article 1 Section 13 o the Virginia Constitution make it very clear that you have an individual right to own and carry firearms, both for your protection and the protection of a free state.  I am committed to ensuring the preservation of your constitutionally protected rights. Safety First.  “Guns do not kill anyone, for it they did no one would come out of a Gun Show alive.”  This is a mental health issue.

Respecting Private Property Rights

The right to do what you want with your property is essential to being free. Constant government interference in what you can do with your property whether it be your home, farm, or business is a problem, and I will fight for regulatory reform that ensures respect for your rights.  I will also fight to keep property taxes as a minimum.

Respecting YOUR Tax Dollars

Tax dollars are your dollars. Taxes should be as low as possible, fair as possible and only collected for the purpose of fulfilling legitimate functions of government.  I will fight to eliminate personal property taxes for all Seniors 62 and over.  Democrats were exposed spending the Virginia taxpayers money recklessly:  Virginia county officials take taxpayer-funded trip to, visit wineries, cannabis lab and horse farm $60,000 government employee vacation. Democrats do not respect your hard earned money. Not one job created.

Respecting Your Rights as a Parent

“Protect The Children”

Parental Rights have been enshrined into Virginia code, because we realize that your children do not belong to the state. It is both the right and responsibility of parents to direct the care, education and upbringing of your children and I will fight to ensure that the government respects that important role.

Respecting Free Markets & Small Business

Political freedom without economic freedom has never worked. One of the primary jobs of a representative is not only to protect your access to the ballot box but to preserve your ability to engage in a vibrant and free market! Because after all, most of the challenges you face in your life are not solved by the Elites, but by free people working together within the market place!

Please note:
I am not on Social Media for a reason; Facebook, Instagram or Twitter encourage endless arguing and promotes negative information regarding conservatives.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
He states the Democrat party is not the same party as it was during his uncle John or his father’s time.  On October 9th he left the Democrat party and is now running as an independent.  Many people are realizing that no matter who you are, if you do not want the globalist agenda for themselves or their children the elites will work to silence you*.  Americans are strong and will fight the Marxists from taking over our country. 

It takes Courage to be the change and listen, with respect to all views.
It is important to be kind, and respectful.  The people in District 7 are like this, I know them and they are great people, smart and kind.  Together we will come up with reasonable solutions to deal with the problems we face today.  My vision is to work together and move forward away from “Crises Management” the Democrats have created to instill fear, anger and division across our country.

Work for Fair and Honest Elections.



Luellen Hoffman Maskeny 
for Virginia General Assembly - District 7.

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